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Sunshine and a blue sea

My dear friend,

in the Marche Region exists a corner of earth where Nature has been greatly generous and human hand has wisely completed the work. The amazing natural scenery starts from the sea and the soft beaches of San Benedetto del Tronto and Grottammare, it runs through the green pleasant hills, and up to the Sibillini mountains.

The ancient villages perched on the hills are pieces of history, they remind to a remote past time. Do not be surprised if you find the doors completely opened or the keys left into the lock, it's not unusual in some of the villages of the Piceno.

The mild landscape is covered with the Mediterranean scrub: holm oaks, bay trees, pinasters, Aleppo pines, oaks, plane trees, elms, mulberries. These trees skirt the streets leading to the hilly villages. Acquaviva Picena, Monteprandone, Ripatrasone, Offida are the names of some of the villages. In here the time seems to have stopped.

The villages preserve the charm of an ancient rural culture. Seasonal changes are marked by colours changes. In spring, wheat, blue bottles, tulips and red poppies colour the country. In autumn, the black and golden bunches of grapes stand out among the rows of vines.
Each village has its own origin and story, and from each one it's possible to see the sea...

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